DO11: please apply best practices for globalization

Hi GPSoft,

Please remember (from Microsoft guide):

  • If used in multiple contexts, make multiple copies of the same string. The same string may have different translations in different contexts.

  • Do not create a text message dynamically at run time, either by concatenating multiple strings or by removing characters from static text. Word order varies by language, so dynamic composition of text in this manner requires code changes to localize to some languages.

DO is guilty in some places, just a quick peek at the translation file:
String 8242, Strings 5085-5089 (strongly suspected)

Those string IDs look wrong to me.

(n.b. The first string should have ID = 5, and be the name of the translator. After that is ID = 10, the "Name" header from the file display. If you're seeing them numbered differently in the file/tool then that could be why they don't match up with what I'm seeing in the source.)

Assuming we're talking decimal numbers, there is no string 8242 (there are none from 8038 to 8300).

If we're talking hex, 0x8242 = 33346, but that doesn't exist either.

5085 is:

MessageId= SymbolicName=STR_FOLDEROPTIONS_DEFTOOLTIP_MOVIES Language=English Dimensions: {picsize} Video Codec: {videocodec} Duration: {mp3songlength} Frame Rate: {framerate} Data Rate: {datarate} Audio Codec: {mp3type} Bit Rate: {mp3bitrate} Samplerate: {mp3samplerate}%0 .

But that's only used in one place and is never joined to anything.

(If we're talking hex numbers, 0x5085 = 20613 doesn't exist.)

Sorry, I was not clear - I referred to what is displayed in Passolo.

I have no access to Passolo but from what I remember it uses the same IDs that we use in the code. (So the first string should have ID = 5, etc., as I mentioned above.)

It's probably best to discuss any translation issues directly with Greg, anyway.

Yes. You need to discuss translation issues direct with me. Possibly you have not translated these specific parts of the meta data display?