DO11: Proceeding "New folder"-dialogue

All the years I always typed "folder1,folder2,..." and pressed enter to create them. Now I have to press "ok" or "shift-enter" and I'm always a bit irritated (but I like the new dialogue!). So what you think about the idea to proceed the dialogue by simply pressing "enter" twice?

Seems like a good idea!
Note that pressing enter by itself also works if the entire contents are selected (so you can just hit enter to accept the default name if you don't need to edit it).

I don't feel super passionate about this, but other apps (almost hesitant to reference Excel) in text fields will use Alt+Enter in order to type onto a new line. Whereas an unqualified Enter behaves as ~normal.

Any thoughts about doing something like that here?

Ask Leo :slight_smile:

Outlook uses shift+return to send a message.

Excel has the most non-standard UI conventions on Windows, so it doing things differently is a good sign. :slight_smile:

And it's really annoying to have to use shift+enter (or the much, much less common alt+enter) multipe times instead of just once at the end (or zero times if clicking or tabbing to OK, which is what most people will do as most people won't read the manual to discover the shift+return hotkey, which is just a bonus/helper for those who do, avoiding confusion for those who don't -- I mean, in one case everyone can use the dialog; in the other, the multiline mode can only be used by people who read the manual or guess to try diff keys when they push return, an experiment that won't last long when each attempt creates another unwanted folder).

Also, minimising surprises, you don't expect return in a multi-line edit control to accept the dialog instead of add a line. It'd be frustrating.

I agree to you, Leo, but on the other side you don't expect to be able to press return twice or "jumping" around, leaving empty rows, etc. in a textfield which creates new folders.

I always press enter twice at the moment (like a reflex), that's why I had the idea!

Agreed, I think pushing return twice to accept the dialog would be a good alternative/replacement for shift+return.

I can't see any downside to it, and it's much quicker to double-tap return than to use shift+return, so your suggestion seems like an improvement to me.


That's been done for Beta 5. (Pushing enter twice to accept the dialog.)

Wow, that was fast. :thumbsup:

Personally, I would much more likely try Ctrl+Enter to accept the dialog.
The same shortcut is used in Mozilla Thunderbird to send message (Shift+Enter is more often use for new line without starting new paragraph). Another example: editing text in Photoshop 12 - Enter means "new line" and Ctrl+Enter finishes editing text. Also, if you go to your inbox on Facebook, select a conversation and turn off "send with enter": Enter does "new line" and Ctrl+Enter sends the message.

@daroc: In Photoshop "Return" means new line, while on "Enter" (numpad) you leave the textmode.