DO11: Progress indicators show on Alt-Tab with alt. handler

I have DisplayFusion v6.0.0 Beta 2 installed, which has it's own optional Alt-Tab handler.

I am running DOpus 11 Beta 7 with the following pertinent File Operations->Progress Indicators options set:

  • Display the jobs bar automatically when starting a new job - checked
  • Prevent Progress indicators from showing on the Taskbar (or in Alt-Tab) - checked
  • Minimize progress indicators - unchecked.

When I am using the OS Alt-Tab handler the progress indicator window does not appear in the Alt-Tab list.
When I am using the Display Fusion Alt-Tab handler the progress indicator window DOES appear in the list.

If Minimize progress indicators is checked (or if I minimize the progress indicator) then it no longer appears in the Alt-Tab list.

DisplayFusion also provides an alternative taskbar - the window does not appear on the taskbar on any monitor.

I have also raised this issues with the DisplayFusion developers - see


Sounds like Display Fusion's alt-tab handler is using slightly different rules for which windows should be visible to the standard alt-tab handler, or maybe isn't noticing windows being re-parented after creation (although I'm not sure if we're doing that with the progress dialogs as I'm not familiar with the relevant code right now).

If they get stuck we can dig into the code and work out if anything we're doing seems unusual. But I expect they'll be able to fix it by just looking at the window attributes, unless something weird is going on (which isn't impossible :slight_smile:).