DO11 Script - FSUtil.Resolve

If I apply Resolve to lib://Pictures it correctly returns C:\Users\Username\Pictures. At the top level, I expected lib:// to resolve to C:\Users\Username, but it doesn't. It simply returns lib:// unchanged. Any chance this behaviour could be changed to return the path to the user profile?

Regards, AB

Hi AB,
lib://Pictures resolves to the first (I guess) target in that library, remembering it can have many.
lib:// is not a library, I would not expect that to target the user profile location. If anything I would expect it to go to the 'Libraries' location. Though that would not be very helpful for any script I can think of.
If I create a library called lib://MyStuff, and I set the path to c:\MyStuff you can see why I think its not that obvious.

You can use "%USERPROFILE%" that will take you where you want. Not sure if that helps though.

Thanks. Yes, after I posted I realised that it is not as straightforward as I thought.

Regards, AB

You can also use the /profile alias. The FSUtil.Resolve function will resolve both aliases and environment variables.