DO11: Scriptconfig.oxc remains after script deletion

Running Beta 4...

Are there specific circumstances by which stuff in the scriptconfig.oxc file is purged? I'm asking because I've set a property value like so in ScriptInitData:

initData.config.FLAG = false;

After which I can then click on the 'Configure' button in Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts and set this flag to True. Fine... however, a possible problem I'm seeing here is that the contents in scriptconfig.oxc don't seem to get 'cleaned up' like I would have expected. If I have in fact changed the value of a ScriptInitData.config. in Prefs, if I then subsequently delete that script from the AddIns folder all-together the change in value for the property remains in the scriptconfig.oxc file as well. If I then copy an updated version of the script back into place, Opus is 'remembering' the changed state of that flag even if I had fully exited and restarted Opus in between deleting and re-adding the script.

Maybe this is intentional? Ok if it is, but I had expected that deleting the script would have deleted all traces of the script config along with it. I think it should... if someone tries a script just to find it doesn't work properly or suit their needs even after playing with whatever config options the author provides, if they come back to it later in time I think most ppl would expect any newly re-added script should return to default settings. But then again, maybe some people would want to 'upgrade' to a newer version of a script and retain any customizations to the config properties.

If I had my druthers - I'd think a compromise (if possible) would be to retain script config customizations if say the existing script is OVERWRITTEN (perhaps indicating an upgrade) vs perhaps a straight deletion (perhaps indicating removal) where I'd expect old script settings to be cleaned out entirely from the scriptconfig.oxc file.

While looking at this I remembered to mention my surprise that theres no "Delete' button in the Scripts page along with About, Configure, and Edit. At least deleting a script via a button on the Prefs page would be an explicit enough action that I'd expect config entries pertaining to the deleted script to get 'cleaned up'.