DO11: SkyDrive Support

I just want to say THANKYOU for supporting Skydrive - that will save me so many issues :slight_smile:

On question though, if in the Skydrive folder hierarchy is it possible for the 'Availability' column to be added to the Details view automatically? At the moment I have to keep on toggling it off.

Or can a file colour be assigned to files to indicate offline?

Same as if you wanted a special columns in any folder: Open Folder Options, add the column and then click Save -> For This Folder and All Subfolders.

You could set up a label filter to do that. With Opus 11 they can now be part of the folder formats and set via Folder Options (on the new Labels tab there), similar to the column change I mentioned above, which is good for filters that only apply to certain folders (since they won't affect performance in other folders which don't need them).

Ah 'Save -> For This Folder and All Subfolders' - I'd never noticed that before that works nicely.

Ref the colour label filter that seems nicer to work with but seems only to affect folders and not files?