DO11: Status bar codes for total files including sub-dirs


Would be useful to have an option for display total files including sub directories. Also if an image is selected the details of that such as width/height etc, and disable the details on the viewer, similar to ACDSee.


Image dimensions can be displayed in a column in Details and Power modes, and by the images in Thumbnails and Tiles modes. That works better than the status bar ever could when more than one file is involved. (The info can also be displayed via the tooltips when you hover over files.)

Total sub-folder/sub-file counts can also be shown in columns, although only separately for each folder (the only way to see them added up is via the Properties dialog). Allowing them in the status bar could make sense, I guess, but it would require the entire directories to be read every time you selected anything, which I don't think would be a great idea, unless the counts only showed up after doing something (e.g. Calculate Folder Sizes) which meant that information was already calculated.

Did you check the full list of status bar codes? It seems, like there is such an option already:!Documents/Codes_for_file_and_folder_counts.htm

Especially {tf}, {tfD}, {tfL} or {tfR} could be of interest.

[quote="abr"]Did you check the full list of status bar codes? It seems, like there is such an option already:!Documents/Codes_for_file_and_folder_counts.htm

Especially {tf}, {tfD}, {tfL} or {tfR} could be of interest.[/quote]

Those do not include sub-folders.

Ok, sorry. Then it would make sense to have some new status bar codes, of course.

Allowing them in the status bar could make sense, I guess, but it would require the entire directories to be read every time you selected anything, which I don't think would be a great idea[/quote]

Currently the size that is displayed in the status bar changes as you calculate the size of child folders. Updating the folder and file count as sub folders are scanned would work well. Having a set of codes (file/folder selected/total count) that included scanned sub folders and a set that did not (the current set) would be a handy addition.

This is an old topic but still a useful request -- agreeing with the previous post. Particularly with faster processing speeds. Total folder branch size can be calculated easily, including subfolders (with {tba}) -- why would it be that much work difficult to calculate the total number of files in the folder branch? There are times when this would be helpful (eg to confirm that a copy operation has been successful), and it's a bother to scan through nested subfolders for the information. For machines that would have a hard time doing this, use of the code is optional anyway.

Processing speed isn't the problem; disk and fileystem speeds are.

Go to C:\ in Opus, then push Ctrl-L to tell it to calculate folder sizes, and see how long it takes.

Doing the calculation involves reading every directory on the disk, and that is slow, even on an SSD, unless all the directories are already cached in system RAM (e.g. from doing the same test a moment before).

It takes several seconds to happen here, on a machine with a good CPU and SSD.

It also ties up the device which will slow down other things. This is why most people do not turn on automatic folder-size calculation everywhere, only turning it on for specific areas where it is a) needed and b) fast due to the folders tending to be quite shallow. (e.g. A downloads folder.)

Total size selected will be displayed on the status bar if folder sizes have been calculated, and that is the main thing people sometimes want. So that's covered.

Total count of files/folders won't be displayed on the status bar, but is available from e.g. the Properties dialog if the total number of items is needed.

I think usually people want to know how many top-level items are selected, and their total size, so if we did add this it would have to be a separate status bar code (unlike the way size handles both, depending on what was calculated). Maybe one that shows nothing at all if the sub-folders have not been scanned (as having it trigger that all the time would be unwanted, and the scanning can already be controlled via other settings).

If more people ask for it then it might be something we could add, but so far there has not been much demand.

I also think having a separate status bar code to count all subfolders and files would be a nice addition.

I use the status bar to check if file copying performed correctly. My status bar has a total size count which only works when I click a "folder size" button. If the button is not clicked, the total size is not shown correctly but that is necessary because I don't want it to always calculate the sizes (as Leo suggested).

I put the total sizes of the left and right sides of the lister next to each other in the status bar so it is easy to compare the sizes.

But if the folder has a deep folder structure, Windows will often simply not copy some files because the folder path is too close to the 256 character limit. If some of those files are 0 bytes (but still necessary), then file size alone is not a good enough measure to see if it was copied correctly. I either have to do a directory compare operation or I have to use Properties on both folders to see if the number of files/folders match exactly.

By the way, I'm surprised how many times Windows just doesn't copy a few files because of the total character length limit for the path. It happens way more often than I would guess and then I have to shorten some of the folder names to get the folder copied correctly. But I wouldn't know it if I didn't check because Windows often fails silently with copy operations.

If there was a separate total file and folder count, I could just select everything I want to compare and click my "folder size" button which would also update the total count of the folder's sub-folders and files.

2nd suggestion to go along with the first

The only other thing which I suggest is that my statuts bar is rather full now and maybe there could be a way to have a two line status bar? It would be nice for a couple reasons. One of them would be I could have both folder sizes for the left and right sides of a lister next to each other (as I have now) and on status bar line two, I could have the folder/file counts for the left and right sides of the lister next to each other as well. I would also have enough room to put a tiny note about the key I use for folder size.

By the way, this new forum format seems really great! Thank you for making such a big imrpovement.

That should not happen if Opus is doing the copying.

The recent Windows 10 Creators Update also improved OS support for very long paths, so it may also no longer be a problem when using Explorer or the shell APIs to copy files as well.

I was looking for a solution to this question and found this thread, so I thought I'd see if anything has changed since the last reply.

This has become more important now since there is currently a long-standing bug in Windows 10 which causes folder properties to display incorrect figures for total numbers & sizes of files.

With existing status bar codes we an display total sizes, which seems to handle the file counting issue just fine. Perhaps the way is now clear to enable the same function but for number of items?

You can show total recursive file counts in columns and in infotips.

I'm not sure that showing them in the status bar would make sense because there would not be any easy way to turn that information off, and it is expensive (in terms of time and disk access) to calculate all the time or on every selection change.

We recommend using the methods that already exist.

Sure, I have the recursive file counts setup in columns right now, but when you have 20 folders in the root of a drive, it's not easy or sometimes practical to manually add up all the counts to get a total.

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For reasons you discussed (the cost of calculating) I usually don't calculate the child folder sizes.

However if I do calculate them (ctrl L, or via tool tip). It would be handy to have an option to see the total in the status bar similar to how the folder size work. It would save having to do the math to count them once calculated.


That's the thing though; there IS currently no reliable way to get a total of all files & folders from the root of the drive for example. Plus I want to be able to get a total of a specific selection of folders. Windows properties is technically capable of doing this, but it has not been accurate for some time now and there is no indication that this significant bug will be fixed in the foreseeable future.

Also, I'm not sure I understand your concern about the resource utilisation. The obvious solution is as you previously mentioned:

This issue is a constant source of irritation for me and other than maybe exporting the sub-totals to a csv or something crazy, there's no good way around it.

I rely on Opus to be a superior and all-encompassing file management solution and as a work-around for the sub-standard approach that explorer takes, but in this specific area it is somewhat lacking.