DO11: suggestion, info pop-up for multi key combinations

The new multi key shortcut allows us to have a multitude of combinations for any given basic shortcut, for example Alt-V, like Alt-V-A, Alt-V-D, Alt-V-3, etc.
What, if instead of typing the second letter, typing a "?" or "pushing F1 would bring up some overlay with a list of all available secondary letters, similar to
the arrow which indicates, that a copy action was started in DO11? Actually we already have a small popup window at the bottom left, which indicates, that
another key is expected. The list would maybe flash up for three seconds, to show the list of available shortcuts & their "info tipps", a short description of the shortcuts.
Then we could type the target letter.

Isn't this the same as your earlier DO11: suggestion for the new multi shortcuts feature request?

You're right. Sorry, i forgot that one. Your solution isn't bad either, so im using some of those autoclose floating menues. It must have come into my mind again,
as i still rearrange a lot of my old buttons into more centralized groups using the multi keys, & i often have to look up all the new combinations. I think i will
keep using both ways.