DO11: twin beta?

Guys I use DO at home (Opus 10 own key beta enabled) and work (purchased key for work), but only have one forum logon on site. Does this cause any issues at all?

Also secondary to that the company has is going through email changes (due to us being bought out) and I therefore need to change my email address associated with the company license. What is the best way to accomplish this?


That's fine and won't cause any issues.

You can update the email address used for your Opus certificate via the My Account page on the GPSoftware site.

(That address is separate to the one the forum uses. If you want to change the forum address as well you can do it via the User Control Panel at the top-left of the forum, or just drop me an email and I can edit the forum account manually (which saves you having to wait for the re-activation emails to arrive, since changing forum address triggers that).)

Thanks for okay'ing the first.

On the second I managed to find the My Account page on the GPSoftware site and have changed the details. The forum account ties to my personal account so no issues there.

All sorted now and already running the beta at work :slight_smile: