DO12 - A 'New Folder' icon for the 'Prefs LayoutSave' screen

The ability to put layouts in folders is great (Miscellaneous things, first dotpoint). It is making it much easier to organise my ever-growing layouts. But the only way that I know to add folders is to go to the Layouts directory first and create whatever folders I need.

It would be very nice if the Prefs LayoutSave screen had a New Folder icon, with accelerator key, so that we could create new folders as we go. This is a standard feature on the normal Windows screens for manipulating files.

You can just type the folder name into the "save layout" dialog (e.g. moo\cow\layout).

Aaaaahhhhaaaa . . . Very nice, jon. I'll go for bunny\rabbit\layout. It still may be worth doing, because people like me won't think of doing that.