DO12 - Beta 8 Rename Find & Replace Macro Operations Bug or Correct

When using Rename, Find & Replace, Macro Operations
Bug or Correct
I select the point where I want to add new text which is already in the clipboard (My Text).
I then press Ctrl + V and I see MY but only in the selected row, the macro operations shows L10V
I then press OK or Apply and nothing happens.
If I right mouse and select Paste My Text is added to all rows and the macro operations shows L10+My Text
I then press OK or Apply and everything is correct.
I watched the video
which shows Ctrl + V being used.
Why does Ctrl + V with text already in the clipboard not work and right mouse Paste wok.

Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V are macro operations in their own right, they let you copy and paste text from within each filename. If you want to paste what's actually literally on your clipboard right now, you need to press Ctrl-Shift-V.


Thanks for the quick reply