DO12 - Copy text from preferences dialog

As a moderator in the german forum I often need to write the path to a certain option in preferences. I'd really like to be able to select and copy text from the preferences dialog. A right click context menu that also offers the possibility to copy the whole path to an option would be great.


Click on the item. Push Ctrl-C. :slight_smile: (Works for most things in Preferences but not all.)

Wow, that's a great time saver for me. I wonder why I never tried Ctrl-C although it's so obvious.
Should be mentioned in the help file.

I'm almost upset nobody ever shared that trick yet. I was about to ask the same, but anyway. What a surprise!
Is there a trick to paste such a path as well, to get to a specific prefs-target? (Just making sure you don't keep another secret! o)

It wasn't really obvious from my point of view, so don't wonder! o)