DO12 - Counting issue with protected archives

I have activated "count before copy" and today unzipped lots of archives into separate folders. Before extraction while counting DO asks for password (some of the archives were protected), but fails to access. Later at extraction DO asks again for password and it works (using clipboard!).

BTW it would be cool if DO would remember the password or ask for all passes before extracting (so that you don't have to wait to enter each one).

Which archive format is this about? You mention unzipping but I don't think encrypted zips ever encrypt the directory listing inside them so they shouldn't prompt for a password during the counting stage.

It should remember it for each archive. Do you mean you want it to assume that the 2nd archive can also use the same password as the 1st archive?

Sorry for delay, lots of work last days.

Both. When selecting e.g. 5 different multi-archives, some with and some without protection, DO sometimes fails to count password protected achrives altough password is correct. But tried today again and there was no issue. I'll have a look at this.

With remembering I mean, that I always entered a pass on counting, so it would be fine not to enter it again on later extraction. Also DO should ask for all passes of all archives (if exists), so that I can enter all passes at the beginning and then let DO working alone.