DO12 - Don't panic message misleading

I just installed the beta and rebooted. When I run it for the first time it gives me the don't panic message that its gone back to the default toolbars...

But it didn't go back to the default toolbars everything stayed just how it was. So this message is misleading.

It should have. If it didn't, it isn't the message that is wrong.

Were you using customised toolbars? The Opus 12 defaults look very similar to the Opus 11 defaults until you dig into some of the menus.

If you restore a config backup after updating then that will load your old toolbars, too.

Yes I use all custom toolbars. My toolbars didn't change at all between 11 and 12 the format/layout everything looks the same.

BTW it reset all my fonts for pretty much everything the lister, folder, everything dropped back to 8pt should I file a separate ticket for that or is it expected

It's a pain having to go through and figure all these out again

If you have a config backup from before Opus 12 was installed, we'd like to look at it to see if we can work out why the toolbars didn't change. (Can email to in case there's anything you don't want on the public web.)

Fonts are reset once (only) due to the new DPI support, to ensure everything is the correct size in all DPIs.