DO12 - Font size in rename scripting pane

Experimenting with the scripting pane with some pleasure. :slight_smile:

I can live with the tiny system font for the interface (on my Win10 laptop scaling doesn't seem very sharp).
But could there be a way to control the font size in the code window? Or is it already controlled by something in Display / Colors and Fonts / Fonts?

Try the FTP-Log font setting. It's set to "Courier New/9pt" here and that's what CLI and scripting panes use here.
Don't know if they actually relate, but worth a try. o)

If the system font size is too small, you might want to increase the DPI setting. (Right-click desktop, Display Settings, Change the size of text, apps and other items.) The same font size is used in many places in different apps and in parts of Windows itself, so you probably want it to be a comfortable size.

Hi Leo, thanks but the process you're describing is the one I meant when I said "doesn't scale very sharp".
See on the screenshot, it's just not crisp.

Just completed a cool example of a rename script for the "What's New in DO12" page showcasing the ability to inject options in the interface. :slight_smile: Will post soon.

You need to reboot after changing the Windows font scaling setting (as it should prompt you to). Until then things are blurry because almost everything is still being rendered at the old size and scaled up as a bitmap, instead of being rendered at the proper size directly.

If you have multiple monitors, be sure to adjust them all as the setting is independent on each one (but having it different one each one is a world of hurt, although slowly improving with each Windows release).

Wow, that worked! Thank you for the great tip, Leo!

It doesn't exactly say to reboot, but "Some apps won't respond to display scaling until you sign out." I'm an old guy and and a bit confused about what "apps" means nowadays -- at some stage they made that a mobile phone word, so I had assumed it was the kind of widget that gets decrapified as soon as I get a new machine. :wink:

By the way, your reply did make me wonder if you are somehow involved in the IT crowd.

Yeah, the prompt Windows shows there could be clearer. I'm so used to knowing what it means I don't read what it says any more, if you get me. But you're absolutely right that it's not clear why it's telling you to reboot or what difference it'll make.