DO12 - Idea: custom colors for specific folders only

First, thanks for the new Beta, packed with novelties. The new tab coloring is great. I like the idea to have the coloring only as a strip on the top, because it looks much better now. Here is my idea. I color my USB drive N:\ green, for example, so i can easily identify this or other locations just by its color. But i can also navigate to any other place, while the color in that tab always remains the same. What about an option, where we can set the custom colors to "this location only" (maybe plus "include all subfolders")? Navigating away from the specified location would lose the coloring.

Likewise, when opening a new tab or navigating to a specified location, it would automatically detect the custom color setting, & apply it. Like we have it now, i can navigate to N:\ in a new tab, but will only have the neutral color at the top. So basically i'm suggesting some sort of "label filter" type of automatic custom coloring of tabs.

You can do that via folder formats:

Ah, that's very good. Thanks, Leo.