DO12 idea: shift click to toggle hidden items

The new {hse} command makes it easy to toggle the hidden items. What, if a shift-click on that field in the status bar ("5 hidden") would toggle all selected items to be hidden, or unhidden? Would that be too confusing? Not to replace the regular buttons/commands, but to give some additional alternative.

I would certainly like to have toggles for show/hide selected files and folders on the status bar, preferably implemented by making the numbers displayed by {sd} / {td} and {sf} / {tf} codes clickable.

For example, clicking on the 1 would hide (or unhide) selected folders. Clicking on the 2 would hide (or unhide) all folders. Clicking on the 3 would hide (or unhide) selected files. Clicking on the 12 would hide (or unhide) all files.

To make this even more useful, modifier-click on the "selected" counts could hide (or unhide) unselected files or folders.

Regards, AB

It sounds like you want to turn the status bar into the filter bar :slight_smile:

When the filter bar is activated it takes up lister window real estate and whilst it does have handy toggles for showing/hiding all files and all folders it does not currently have a mechanism for filtering selected files and folders.

Filtering selected can, of course, be achieved by other means but since the status bar is always there its utility might as well be maximised, not so? :slight_smile:

Regards, AB

The real filter bar can do much more, of course. The idea was only to look at the hidden items in some other, quicker way.