DO12 - Lister Switching with Mouse Clicking

Not sure if this one is a bug, or intended (don't know if it was in v11 or not), but I was experimenting with the new 'show everything' button in v12, and I noticed that if I click it just above the text, instead of toggling between hidden and show everything, it toggles between the folders in each open file pane. In fact, if I move across the status bar, clicking in the same position on each part of it, the same behaviour happens. It seems to me that the mouse clicking position is a little too sensitive - the area I am clicking in is still on the show everything button, but was wondering if it was intended, or a bug.


That is what the status bar has always done, except for special parts like the format lock icon, and now the Show Everything / Hidden Count parts.

Interesting. I haven't ever really clicked the status bar buttons before, but I would have thought that clicking below the separator would still perform the action of the button you are clicking on. It makes more sense that way IMHO, otherwise the way it is now means you have to be pixel precise to actually perform the action you are clicking for (I noticed it because I tried to click on the 'hidden' text and all that happened was that the active pane changed from one to the other - I then had to concentrate to get my mouse to click on the correct pixel to make all files show).