DO12 - Location field not showing path

I have a folder saved as a favourite - path is C:\Users\myusername\Desktop\Media Test Files. When I access the folder using the favourite, I see this:

Not the missing path before the folder name. This is the only folder in my favourites that has that missing information (I have a couple dozen favourites, checked them all, all the other favourites were fine). If it helps, I think this is the only favourite I added since Beta 8 - all the others were added with prior Beta versions.

That means it's using Desktop \ Media Test Files as the path, relative to the Desktop virtual folder.

It's normal if you navigate to the child folder via the Desktop virtual folder.

If you navigate to the physical folder via the C:... path then that should be the path that you use. (As long as you aren't currently in the virtual folder, for reasons too long-winded to go into. Essentially, delete the favorite, then go to C:, then go to the full path to your folder, then create the favorite again. Or don't worry about it if it's just an observation and not something that was annoying you, as what's happening is normal and intentional.)

Yes, spot on - deleting it and re-creating it as you said does make it show the path. It didn't bother me so much - just was worried it may have been a bug :slight_smile: