DO12 - More Hints in Rename Panel?

I'm really impressed with the enhancements in the new rename panel! :thumbsup:

So now could be a good time to bring up a couple of things that have been on my mind for years and for which a solution might perhaps be found to add to the polish.

It has always seems to me that some of the rename features are buried in the manual but don't need to be. It would be helpful if they were in the interface as some kind of hint. For instance:

  • for sequential numbering, I know that the # sign has something to do with where the sequence appears in the new name... But I always forget that the correct syntax is [#] It would be nice to see a hint somewhere.

  • for regex, I know that the # sign has something to do with repeating the operation until the name is stable, but I always have to look at an existing preset to remember where.

  • I happen to remember that typing zeroes in the sequential numbering changes the format, but someone else might not.

These are a few examples to get the ball rolling. The rename panel is powerful. It would be even more powerful if some of that power was made more apparent.

  1. Already there:

  2. Always at the end. It's used so rarely I don't think it would make sense to put a similar bubble tip just for that. (If we do that, why not every other part of the syntax? And then we'd just be automatically displaying the manual page really.)

  3. Maybe making the default "01" instead of "1" would be a good way to indicate the possibility. Or do you have something else in mind? Thoughts?

Ha I never noticed that.

Is it? Shame, it's brilliant.

Well you don't want to clutter the interface...
Are the lightbulb-style hover tips an option? :question: :bulb:

Down the line with the expansion of macro capabilities I can see the need for this growing.