DO12 - Multi labels too complicated

@nodeselect Properties SETLABEL=important LABELCATEGORY raw:Status ADDLABEL SETLABELTOGGLE

Has it to be rocket science to just use the multiple labels? I tried above, but it doesn't work. So, how can i set up buttons to use multiple labels?

That command line doesn't make sense.

What are you trying to do exactly?

What i try is to make two buttons, which can toggle on & off the status icons, where every command would only toggle its own icon, but leave any other status icon alone. For example, i start with a plain file, then toggle on the "flagged" icon, using shortcut A. Shortcut B would be assigned to turn the "important" icon on or off.

So, if i would have an item with both icons set, "flagged" & "important", i would have to use both toggling commands to have all status icons removed. Maybe a third command to have them cleared in one go would also be good. I know, i can use the context menue's labels list, but since there are about ~50 label colors already, i would prefer to use direct shortcuts to toggle them on or off.

A command to do that is here in the default toolbars:

I had to reset that default toolbar in order to have that status menu. The problem is, that i don't want use any toolbars or icons (i have a few, which are usually hidden, though), but only shortcuts, for speed reasons.

If i look into that command/menu, i see only one command, which will not work as a keyboard shortcut. Can't you make it so, that we can use three single commands to toggle the status icons on & off?


Yup, that's exactly it! Many thanks.

If you mumble a bit when reading out loud various DO commandlines, they sound like spells out of a witches cookbook!
And sure they are, since sometimes gates open or the weather starts changing. Suddenly the sun shines, clouds dissapear etc. O)