DO12 - Persistent border

On the two DO12 test installation I have a GUI related issue, whenever a tab opened that did not load the (network) location because of my settings.
I mean these type of messages:

The issue I see cannot be captured in a screenshot for some unknown reason, I needed to pull a digital camera to catch this:

I guess you can see the leftover line or border from that message after switching to another tab, right above the mouse cursor.
I can have multiple of these and they are sticky in length and position. If I resize the window or filedisplay and switch back to a tab showing such a message, DO will create even more of these lines, which then do not dissappear. Well, they do at some point in time, but I was not able to find out when and why yet.

Thanks! o)

Btw: Is it recommended to prefix DO v12 related threads currently?
I see many of them, but remember you guys always told us to not prefix threads, so I did not.

Same problem as D012 - Graphic glitch with network shares - Has been fixed for the next beta.

Yes, please prefix with "DO12 - " if it's something specific to the Opus 12 betas.

It's more the "bug" and "request" type prefixes I don't like as they are so often wrong. (Same reason we don't split Help & Support into separate usage, bugs and requests areas. When we did we had to move about half the posts.)

Ah I see.. and I obviously overlooked than one! Thanks! o)