DO12 - possible to combine manual sort with date sort?

Is it possible to enable manual sorting and at the same time retain the automatic (in this case date created) sort order?

As in doing some kind of "ear marking" on certain files/folders that I want to arbitrarily move around, and all the un-marked items would retain original automatic sorting?

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A good/better way to do that might be to use the new Status icons and column and sort by it, with modified date as the secondary sort (click Status to sort by it, then ctrl-click Modified to sort by it in the event of a tie).


Having said that, it looks like the beta has a bug here where when you change the status icon on things, the multi-column sort does not update properly, and you have to click Status then ctrl-click Modified again to get the right result. We'll get that fixed in a future beta.

That's fixed in the next beta, 12.0.5. Should be out in the next day or so.