DO12 - Rename-Tool weird window border when showing/hiding scripts pane

Hello! o)

This is something I noticed right from day 1 of DO12. The window of the rename tool has weird borders and does not repaint correctly on my systems whenever the script pane is toggled visible. The regular window border does not seem to adjust to the wider window. Now that several betas were released I thought I bring this up, since it does not seem to repair "itself". o)

Thanks! o)

You should've reported it on day 1 as no one else has seen or reported this. :slight_smile:

It isn't doing that on my system, but I haven't tried yet with visual styles turned off (since you can't turn them off any more; I'll try in a virtual machine later).

There's also a 3rd party tool modifying your window borders which could be involved, perhaps.

Yes, would have been better on day 1, sorry, but sometimes you wanna get things done and not report bugs, especially since there were more severe issues and the rename tool in overhaul later on. Anyway, now is the time and I'm sure there are more to come! o)

The third party tool should have no influence, it's the same weirdness on my machine at work, not using the tool.

Checked on a VM and it only happens with visual styles disabled, which is why nobody noticed it before.

Have fixed it for the next update.

Now is too late unless we stay in beta forever. :slight_smile: Luckily this was a trivial change, so it has made it in.

So I can assume the release of DO12 is near? That suprises me a bit to be honest.

What about..

  • the scroll position always resetting unexpected in the viewer
  • the mark vs. checkbox mode in the viewer
  • the tab colors which can't be applied by path
  • the (script columns) jumping when Collapse/Fill type columns are present
  • the needed script workaround to resize Fill type columns
  • the label icon overlay idea in the viewer name just a few DO12 beta related points of my own. I guess there are two dozen more from other people.
You'll have your reasons to rush, but then, function freeze for v12 is probably not the end of the world. o)

Oh dear, this went offtopic. o)

Not even sure that is a bug. It's definitely not a release blocker.

Fairly minor (the new way of marking works; if you switch back to the old way, it doesn't inherit some of the new way's functionality yet, as I understand it). Reported too late to address in 12.1. On our list for 12.2.

Setting tab colors via folder formats works here?

Esoteric, and we have yet to reproduce it. It's not a release blocker, but it is on our list. The video you sent recently looks useful.

Not sure what that refers to, sorry.

If we wait until ever idea is added, we'll have endless feature-creep and never release 12.1.

We'll add feature requests and other fixes & improvements throughout the next couple of years, as always.

Didn't mean to offend you, thanks for your view to some of these points.
From a developers point of view I totally agree with you, from a customers perspective I just can't! o))

Thank you! o)