DO12 - Restoring on a 150% DPI machine - layouts and tabgroups

The new arrangements for DPI are very nice. Now I can backup the configuration on a normal 100% DPI machine (Windows 7 Pro HP laptop) and 'restore' it onto my wife's 150% dpi machine from work (Apple notebook, running Windows 7 Pro on top), after which all the fonts look the same, and the column widths in the formats are automatically expanded by 150%. Thank you.

But there remains a problem with layouts. When I load a layout from the saved configuration, the column widths are too narrow, and I have to press my Set Format=!Folder button to make it look OK again. I can of course save this new layout over the top of the old one, but if there are tabs in the format, I first have to switch on each tab in turn and press the Set Format=!Folder button before I save the layout.

The same problem occurs with the tabgroups - in each tabgroup, every tab has to be processed with the Set Format=!Folder button, and then the tabgroup saved.

When I come to change the configuration, and backup and restore, it will all have to be done over again.

Could we please have some switch that allows the column widths in restored layouts and tabgroups to change automatically corresponding to the new DPI? Knowing DOpus, I am well aware that there may already be such a switch or other method, which I am overlooking or misunderstanding.

WORKAROUND: I can of course do all this width resetting once, then save the new layouts and tabgroups with new names, then transfer the new layouts and tabs back to the first computer, then write a BAT file or DOpus routine that will rename things appropriately next time. But I don't want to do all this mucking about if the problem has, or soon will have, an elegant solution.

Have you re-saved those layouts and tab groups in Opus 12?

DPI scaling should be performed on all pixel widths, but can only be done properly if Opus knows which DPI they were saved at, which only happens if they were saved with Opus 12.

No. I had saved them much earlier on either the DPI 100% laptop or the DPI 100% desktop with DO11 (or even DO10), then upgraded to DO12, then made changes that didn't involve these layouts or tabgroups, then backed up and restored onto the DPI 150% notebook.

Now that I'm on DO12, I'll go through and systematically open and save again each of my layouts and tabgroups on the DPI 100% laptop, then backup and restore onto the DPI 150% notebook. Then I'll report back.

Reporting back that everything has worked exactly as you promised, leo. I opened and saved again each of my layouts and tabgroups on the DPI 100% laptop (running DO12), then backed up and restored onto the DPI 150% notebook (also running DO12). It was a bit of a chore, but it only had to be done this one time. Now all the fonts and column widths look exactly the same on both machines.

Thanks very much, DOpus team. This problem with fonts and column widths has been a big annoyance for over two years since the DPI 150% notebook first arrived, and now it looks as if it has been totally fixed.