DO12 - Save search panel height in default Lister

If you adjust search panel height, then close it and save current Lister as default, height is not save.
But if you save current Lister with panel open, height is save.

Not how it works here at least, in 12.0.6. The height is saved whether the panel is still open or not.

(It used to work the way you're describing, although I can't remember exactly when it was changed.)

Which version are you using?

I use the last beta 12.0.6.

Maybe we're doing slightly different things.

What's the exact sequence of actions that you're doing to test it?

Ok I understand...
To open panel I use ctrl+F that run command Find IN {allfilepath}.
If I use command Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle, it's ok.

So it's a bug or I need to change my ctrl+f command ?

If the Find command is what opens the panel then it intentionally resets it to the default height. (I am not sure why off the top of my head, but it has been that way since 2010 at least.)

You can change your ctrl+f to this to prevent it from happening, while getting the same results:

Set UTILITY=Find,On Find IN {allfilepath}