DO12 - Status Icons Background Color. Grid Lines taking precedence (didn't before)


I'm not sure this started with 12.0.8 but I just now noticed it after playing around with new colors.

I have Horizontal Grid Lines turned on (Preferences / File Display Modes / Details).

I had Status Icons background color set to White (Preferences / Display / Fields).

When I turn on my Status column (column to the left of Name, marked with "..."), the background on all rows is white (what I want).

Photoshoped because I can't get back what I had

After I played around with the background color (new colors and off), I wasn't able to go back to full column being White, every other row is my Grid Lines color now. Horizontal Grid Lines seems to now be taking precedence, where as before, it wasn't.

Am I missing something new or is this something I'm going to have to live with?


Try something that isn't the same as the file display background color. (Even if it's 254,254,254 instead of 255,255,255.)

Parts of the file display code assume that background color = main background color means you really meant for it to be transparent, since a lot of people failed to find the proper "transparent" option in the color picker..

Thanks, Leo.

Now that you mentioned that trick, that is what I did previously. I completely forgot. I'll try and remember next time.

Sorry to waste your time.