DO12 - Statusbar show everything

There's two scenarios that could be fixed/improved with the statusbar show everything, in regards to when it appears. This depends on ones statusbar codes that are set if this will take place. For example, portion of my statusbar consists of the following code...

<b>{h!}<#ff0000>{hi} hidden</#>{h!} {h!}<#368800>{hse}</#>{h!}</b>

This works fine when navigating to a folder where files with filesystem attributes that are hidden reside, clicking the "hidden" and "everything" labels will alternate between each other with their own colors.

Scenario 1:
However if you're in a folder where no hidden filesystem files reside and run the command...


The hidden label then appears in the statusbar indicating files are hidden. But once the hidden label is clicked to show the files again the everything label takes its place when there is nothing more to show. When everything is clicked it will disappear because of the {h!} code. But in this case shouldn't be appearing.

Scenario 2:
If you're in a folder where hidden filesystem files are present and run above command statusbar only shows the hidden label. I think it should show the following.

You'd then have the option to show what was hidden from the above command only. Instead of clicking the hidden label followed by the everything label to return to normal viewing as if you just enetered the folder.

I care more about Scenario 1 being fixed if anything, if both are addressed, awesome.


I guess a solution would be to just remove either {hi} or {hse} from the statusbar and not have them both. I prefer seeing the number count of files that are hidden which is something {hi} provides. but if I only use {hi} with {h!} and when hidden label is clicked the everything label appears on the far left would be better if it appeared in the position that {hi} is at.

Show Everything is a filtering mode. Even if it isn't currently affecting what you see (due to none of the files being hidden normally), it affects what you might see if a file is changed or created.

Outside of very special cases, you should never see both a hidden count and the Everything indicator, since if Show Everything is on then (almost) nothing should be hidden.

Is your scenario 2 turning off Show Everything mode when you run the command? I think that may happen but can't remember for sure at the moment.

Probably would be best if you tested it out yourself by appending the above code to your statusbar.

I've decided to just go with only {hi} and get rid of {hse}. The problem is when I use the command referenced in my first post and then click the hidden label (to show the files hidden from the command), the show everything label appears on the far left when it's irrelevant (only when in a folder with no hidden filesystem files is it irrelevant). The whole reason I added {hse} with {hi} in the first place was as a workaround to force it to appear in the same position {hi} is at, rather than the far left.

Sure I could remove {h!} from hidden label to hide the files again but I don't want red always in the statusbar, but I also want red to appear when there is hidden files so it's more noticable.

Considering I don't have {hse} in the statusbar settings yet it still appears when I click the hidden label to show any hidden files.

So my new request for a fix is to prevent the case where "Everything" pops up when it's irrelevant as I stated above (you should test it out to see what I mean). Or perhaps don't make it automatically appear in statusbar when one doesn't have {hse} in their statusbar setting. If they want it they can add it themselves.


If you leave it as is, force show everything to appear near the position where {hi} is defined in the status bar but only if {hi} is set to be hidden if value is 0.

I think there is a misunderstanding here about what Show Everything does, or about what left-clicking the hidden count does.

Left-clicking the hidden count turns on Show Everything mode. You are then in that mode until you turn it off by clicking again.

If you want undo the earlier Select HIDESEL NOPATTERN command, clicking the hidden count and turning on Show Everything mode will do that, but it also puts you into Show Everything mode. You have to click again to return to normal. (The HIDESEL command will still be undone at that point, since a side effect of turning on Show Everything mode is it clears the list of explicitly hidden items.)

If you just want to undo the HIDESEL command, without going into Show Everything mode, then clicking the hidden count is the wrong thing to do. You'd need to run a different command for that, although double-clicking the hidden count/"Everything" indicator is probably still easier.

I get it completely. I'm saying "Everything" shouldn't appear in the status bar in the first place when clicking it does nothing other than removing "Everything" from the statusbar (only when you do not have {hse} in your statusbar setting). It should only appear when clicking it actually changes something in the lister. Because you're only clicking "Everything" just to remove it from the statusbar at that point. Yes clicking "Everything" turns off Show Everything mode, but why turn it on when it's not going to change anything when turning it off? I guess I will just have to live with it since I don't have the option to remove it. :smiley: