DO12 - System settings affected? Tooltips looking differently

I noticed that tooltips which appear on top of and around the windows task bar look different after having installed DO v12 on two computers (win7 - classic theme/look).

They tend to show a much bigger font or they come up bold or underlined (when hovering the mouse over tray icons or task bar entries e.g.).
Because of the bigger font (not for every programs tooltips), I was thinking about some font/dpi settings which could have been changed or altered by DO?
I tried to capture a screenshot, but tooltips don't make it into screenshots here, don't know why that is either.

In case some possible explanation comes to your mind, I'm all ear! I don't really like how tooltips look currently. o)

Which tooltips do you mean?

I had a closer look now at some other places and it seems, basically all tooltips are affected. In DO it is especially weird. In a dual lister, image metadata tooltips in the top file display appear completly in bold and font-size increased by 1-2px, while in the bottom display, they are correct as before (smaller font, some bold due to the usage of and plain style for all the rest). This is for equal filetype tooltips, but whatever settings are in use, there shouldn't be any difference I assume. As mentioned, other tooltips from other applications also appear differently.

I'd post some screenshots, but I cannot get the tooltips to appear in them, I tried with regular , ALT+ and the windows "Snipping Tool". If you have a quick recommendation for a proper screen grabbing tool (that does not bring unwanted extensions or malware to my computer o), I'd go and try again.

Ac'tivaid has some nice screenshot tool included, but there are menues sometimes, which those tools can't catch.

Take a photo with your phone :slight_smile:

I really hate taking pictures with my phone! I got some regular cameras at hand, will use these next time! o)

Just to let you know:
The issue seems to be gone after a reboot on both machines. Strange. It occured on both after having installed DO12.
Now it's gone on both as well. Anyway, I can live with that and I guess it's the same for you. o)