DO12 - Tabs color

  1. In folder options, if you add tab color and save, color persists if you browse folders.
    It's not possible to add tab color for specified folder (eg. If I open c:\windows folder, tab is blue, if I change to another folder (with no color tab set), no color for tab)

  2. If we use "Draw folder tabs using visual style", set color are too dark and not really reflect the color set.

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I also see some unexpected restrictions to the tab coloring, I expected it to work somehow like wildcard labels work. It seems impossible to set tab colors for all sub folders of a specific location or to set color for all network/local/ftp locations. If I define a path folder format, which contains the tab color, any other folder format will not be used anymore, but maybe there is still something we are not aware of?

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I see that too and wanted to report this as well. It's very hard to distinguish the active (colored) tab between other non-active colored tabs. Setting "Draw folder tabs using visual style" does not make a difference on my computer and it's off for me usually. Maybe the color should be applied to a portion of the tab or we need a new cursor/dot/symbol overlaying the active colored tab somehwere. I also tried to set "white" for active tab text, since this color would stand out better, but it seems there is some auto-contrast detection kicking in, overriding some color combinations? Is that possible or was it me seeing "things"? o)

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Some kind of "Inherit color from other matching formats" option seems to be what's missing for me? Don't know. o)

An option to have a thin extra line around the tab's contours could help.

Yeah, that could work as well! o)
I'm also wondering if the non-active colored tabs need to be darkened that much, this kind of adds a moody and dull look to the GUI.

To not sound so negative, the colored tabs are great and their usefulness already proves in day to day work!
I already started to aim at colors instead of reading tab titles, which is exactly what we/I had mind before this feature rolled in! o)
So don't get me/us wrong, very appreciated feature in general! o)

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  1. Sounds like you want to be able to set tab colors via labels, rather than (or as well as) folder formats, right?

  2. There's only so much we can do when recoloring the visual style bitmaps, since we cannot predict anything about what the bitmaps will look like or how well they will respond to the recoloring algorithm. You may want to turn off visual styles for the tabs if you plan to use the colors and don't like the way visual styles get recolored.

  1. Tabs colors via labels will be excellent too. :thumbsup:
    But I think tabs colors in formats is ok until i close and reopen tab. Look at the screenshot here.
    I apply color to folder and color persist even if I change folder. But If i open another tab, color is apply to tab only when I open the good folder.

  2. Ok, I turn off visual style even if I prefer square tabs corners.

  1. That is normal and how Folder Formats work in general. You saved it for the folder, but you also clicked OK which makes it the format for the current folder tab (until you change to a different type of folder that forces a new format).

  2. We might add an option for square tabs that Opus draws itself.

  1. Tab colors via labels, yes yes yes! o)

  2. Wanted to show a quick example how things look here with colored tabs. Is anybody able to determine the currently active tab? o)
    I have no windows-themes enabled (classic look), no visual styles enabled and gloss_and_gradients in advanced settings is set to false.
    Changing "enable visual styles" for the tabs or activating the glosss_and_gradients setting do not make a difference for me.

Latest betas with changes to how tabs are colored did a nice job to get a clear view on which tab is active.
I guess at least, still need to adjust to the new coloring at the side. o)

Regarding the latter, I wanted to ask if the colored area is meant to be that slim as it is for me:
I find it a bit too narrow to be of help when choosing the right tab, especially if dark and light colors are used.
Dark blue/violet/red/green etc. (mid section) and lighter colors which touch each other (top section) blend into each other very easily.

Would have expected the colored area to be somewhat more present like this:

And after finishing the mspaint job here, I wondered if the coloring wouldn't be even better if it appeared to the left of the tab labels?
Knowing that in case you have no colored tabs, this could create an empty space - unless it auto-toggles and I wouldn't mind any of both o).

Thanks! o)

Any update about Tabs colors via labels

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You can use this script: TabColorizer.js


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