DO12: Unexpected behaviour with inline rename involving &accelerators

Here are the steps I use to reproduce it:

  • Lister has many files (so it needs to be scrolled a lot) and is sorted by filename
  • Select a file (only time we click the mouse)
  • Click a single-key hotkey which launches it in an external program (~ tilde in my case)
  • Quit external program with Alt+F4 and focus goes back to the lister (no mouse clicks!)
  • Use a rename script to rename item (via button with accelerator key in it eg..&D called via alt then D, no mouse clicks) which appends something to the beginning of the filename. Script has nodeselect set so the selection isn't lost.
  • This makes the the lister contents re-sort moving the file position to follow the sort rules. This step has three possible outcomes:

Outcome 1:
The file is still visible without having to scroll (didn't reshuffle much) - hitting F2 enters inline rename as it is supposed to.

Outcome 2:
The file goes off the visible list but is still selected AND Dopus automatically scrolls to the file immediately after executing the rename script. Hitting F2 enters inline rename as intended.

Outcome 3:
The file goes off the visible list BUT Dopus doesn't immediately scroll to it and the scroll position remains where it's neighbors were. Hitting F2 in that case focuses the File menu (as if pressing Alt+F but does not open it) - instead of scrolling to the file and entering inline rename mode.

2 and 3 happen at random and are breaking the flow. Ideally I would like to keep the scroll position after rename, but always scroll to the file when hitting F2.

EDIT: Seems like the alt key followed by D which activates my accelerator on the file menu row doesn't return to non-alt mode after used. This only happens if there is no submenu.