DO12b7 Slow in opening

DO11 opened up fast <1sec, but for DO12b7 it took 7-12 sec to open up everytime. What could be the problem? I start using from 12b7 , not tested earlier version. Tq.

Is it tied to the folder you are opening?

Does it happen if the folder tree is off, or only when it is on?

Does it happen with only the factory default toolbars?

Anything pointing at network paths which are inaccessible now?

If none of those apply, using Process Monitor to save a .PML log of what Opus is accessing may be the quickest way to work out where the slowdown is coming from. If you zip the log you can email it to for inspection. But please check the things above first; if it is one of them then there may be quicker ways to solve things.

Uninstalled 12b7 and reinstall 11.19 that day and everything back to normal. Today tried 12b8 and the same problem came back again.

The slow opening happened the first time open DOPus. After the slow opening, close it and reopen it within 10sec it will pop out fast. If close and wait >15sec (without doing anything), and try to open again, it will be slow taking 5~10sec to open. In other words, If DOPus is closed and open within 10s, the response is fast. Beyond that, it will take long time to reopen.

I tried turned off folder tree, and yes the response became fast and not limited by the 15sec anymore. Why can this happen anyway?

Please generate a proc mon log and we'll see what it shows is happening during the delay.

Not sure if i did this correctly, it is in the attached zip file in pml format. It is logged with folder tree opened, about 7sec opening time.

[Logfile removed after downloading --Leo]

Thanks for sending the log file.

It looks like the Favorites, Recent or Aliases branches of the folder tree have some items in them which point to unavailable network paths, which are slowing things down.

Under Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents there are options for whether each of those three branches are included. I would first verify that turning off all three fixes the problem, then if it does look at what's in each of them to remove anything that points to unavailable network paths. All three lists can be edited under Preferences / Favorites and Recent.