DO9: FTP Txfer speed. How to change from buttons/commands?

Hey People, just bought Opus9, sweet...

I specifically was looking for the new download limit control for FTP transfers and I've found it in the FTP settings. Now, question is, how do I control that speed on a button. I need it to be dynamic during my transfers at the click of a few buttons on my toolbar.

Any ideas? I can't seem to find any related commands?

I don't think there are commands to control this right now. You should send GPSoft a feature request via their webpage:

Even better than commands, IMO, would be a slider in the copy progress dialog. Even better if this can be used when copying files normally (e.g. over the network when you don't want the network to be saturated by a file copy, because you're trying to stream video or something).

OK thanks for the response. suggestion posted...