DO9 theme problem - can't load themes that I've created

I never tried downloading a pre-made one (maybe I should ?). But I created half a dozen themes myself. They all show up in the theme list. But when I try to load them, I get ... nothing. Or next to nothing anyway. Here's what a lot of trial and error reveals.

If I just make color changes to various fields, they will load fine. If I change IMAGES, however, then I have problems. They just won't load.

I checked the .dlt file - they all have IMAGES folders, and the correct images are in there.

I checked the .xml file (as IF I know anything about that stuff). They do show the correct corresponding image files that the theme requires. But they ALSO show image names for all the other fields as well - images that I used once in a different theme, for example, are shown in each .xml file. !? Maybe it's supposed to be that way. I did try editing one theme .xml file to delete these extraneous references. I managed to crash my system (!), but the change did no good.

And when I load a 'bad' theme - there is zero reference to the images that I asked for. For example, if I told theme #1 that I wanted 'blue.bmp' as the file display background, everything looks fine -- it's in the IMAGES folder of the .dlt, it's referenced in the .xml (along with lots of other images for other fields that I didn't ask for on this theme). But when I load that theme -- the image doesn't load, nor does it show as the image for that field for that theme.

?!? Sorry to be so wordy. Was hoping you might have some spiffy suggestion for me. Oh, this is if that's important.


Feel free to upload a sample theme you've created and are having the problem with and someone can take a peek? Rename the .dlt file to .zip or I'm not sure if you'll be able to upload.

As suggested, I'm uploading one of the themes I created - renamed the .dlt to .zip.

I did, btw, download a theme file and tried that. Same problem. All the images refuse to work.

Hope this can help someone. I know it's a minor irritant (not being able to 'do' themes), but ... that's one of the things I like MOST about DO9 -- the ability to configure just about everything to something visually pleasing.

Thanks again.

BOB (173 KB)

What theme did you download that also did not work? I wonder if there is some general setting somewhere that you need to enable to get it to load the images... hmm. I'll try with your theme a bit later.

The theme I downloaded was called "Brushed Theme". And I created, oh, 8 or 10 of my own before I realized that they just weren't working. Thanks for the interest though!

I'm guessing that the theme (such as it is) will work just fine for you, and I'll have a big mystery as to why the darned images won't work. ?