Docking multiple listers

Hello all,
Sorry my search capabilities didn't reveal anything. Maybe I am not asking the right question, i guess.

Anyway, could somebody please help?

I have dual mode (vertical with only 1 folder tree at far left and with 2 folders browsed at right side in 2 columns (1 column each)) in a lister layout.

I wish to have 2 more folders in 1 column each. so 1 folder tree and 4 columns in one lister. Is this possible?

Any suggestions please?


You can only have 2 file panes and 2 trees maximum per lister. You can easily configure a layout to show multiple listers which would be pretty close to what you want.

Great! Could you please point me to a tutorial or help file on how to do that?



[Working with multiple Opus windows/listers (video tutorial))