Documentation for NEWTAB and FINDEXISTING?

Neither of these appear in the PDF or online HTML. Are they documented somewhere?

Regards, AB

A substantial amount of documentation on these topics can be found in your DOpus directory.
See the Opus 82 Changes.pdf

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Thanks for that pointer. Now for the real question...

Go C:\ NEWTAB=findexisting OPENINLEFT

This works as expected.

Go /somealias NEWTAB=findexisting OPENINLEFT

This always opens a new tab whether or not the folder referenced by "somealias" is already open in the left pane.

Working as designed?

Regards, AB

Ahhh... a trap !
It's a good one though .
OK aussieboyke,

I haven't verified this yet, but I believe you.
I'd say it's not working as designed !
Aliases should be global .

I'll get back to you on this.
Thanks !

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Hello aussieboykie,

I also get this result.
I created an Alias called Island for the directory E:\Photo Archive\Some Folder\Some Other Folder .

The command Go "E:\Photo Archive\Some Folder\Some Other Folder" Newtab=findexisting
opens a new tab only when there is not already a tab "E:\Photo Archive\Some Folder\Some Other Folder" .
In that case, the "E:\Photo Archive\Some Folder\Some Other Folder" tab becomes active .
This works as expected.

However, the command Go /Island Newtab=findexisting always opens a new
"E:\Photo Archive\Some Folder\Some Other Folder" tab,
whether or not "E:\Photo Archive\Some Folder\Some Other Folder" is already a tab.
I'd tend to think this is not by design and is really a bug.

Very Good observation aussieboykie !

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I would imagine the logic in the findexisting argument/feature simply does not 'evaluate' the directory alias... and probably wasn't 'designed' to :slight_smile:.

Hi Steje,

Yes, that has some logic to it.
However, there is also logic in the fact that Newtab did evaluate the alias.
A Newtab was in fact created and was hence made the active tab.

How can it be that the, as I imagine it, lower class member findexisting does not inherit that information ?
You know much more about this than I do Steje, so please correct me.

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Well, I would hardly say that I know any more about it than any other user... it's just a guess:

Go /Island Newtab=findexisting

  • Newtab=findexisting
    --- "E:\Photo Archive\Some Folder\Some Other Folder" not equal to "/Island"
  • Go /Island Newtab
    --- lookup "/Island" alias
    Go "E:\Photo Archive\Some Folder\Some Other Folder" Newtab

It's all academic and the bottom line is neither of you are doing anything 'wrong' that you could change to get it to work (I presume). Whether it's a bug, design oversight, woopsy, or feature request is really for GPsoft to answer :slight_smile:. I'd submit it to their web support page and see what kind of response you get... and then flame the Beta Tester lamers for not finding this hole (joking).