Docx ActiveX viewer component

Hi Dopus team and forum,

I was wondering which part of an office installation provides the preview functionality.

I'm asking because for work, I use Word 2003, which unfortunately every time it is supposed to preview a docx file in the Dopus preview pane, throws a message about the format conversion (or something) that has to be confirmed, i.e. clicked, before the file is displayed.

No I thought about installing a trial version of office 2013 and possibly use the viewer components contained therein for previewing files in Opus.

Any ideas if this is possible, especially whether the respective viewer components (DLL's etc.) can be extracted and used standalone to show the files in the Dopus preview pane?

Regards David.P

If you want standalone Office Preview Handlers, I don't know of a way to extract them from the full Office suite, or if doing so would be legal. You'd have to ask Microsoft or on a forum about Office.

QuickView Plus provides similar viewers, as an alternative.

OK thanks Leo, I might try QuickView Plus then. I think I used to have it already at some stage about a decade ago, and I remember there was a way to extract the viewer components there....

Regards David.P