Does DO 9.5.6 work in Win 10 x64?

I have been using v9.5.6 for a long time. After upgrading from Win7 x64 to 10 x64 it seemed to work ok. But I have noticed some weird things happening as follows:

[ul][li]I cannot drag and drop files from outside(desktop) DO into DO. [/li]
[li]I have My Logitech MX1000 Mouse setup to send keystrokes to move up/down/back the folder tree in DO. That stopped working. I know the keys are being sent, because I used a test app to register the keystrokes, and they were sent. But DO does not see them. It may have something to do with a Windows Handle since Logitech SetPoint Uberoptions lets you assign different keystrokes to selected apps? But I don't know.[/li]
[li]Sometimes I get this Windows error when Windows tries to shell out to DO to open a folder:

[li]The normal Windows Explorer opens even when I have DO set to replace Explorer for all folders [/li][/ul]
I have also tried uninstalling DO and reinstalling, but it did not fix anything... :angry:

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:


It's not supported to work under Windows 10.

Hmm... well this isn't good.

I just bought version 11, downloaded and installed the cert. And it still does not let me drag and drop. I get the circle with a line through it as my cursor when I try to drag over a folder or file list! And my mouse sending keystrokes still does not work. And when I double click on a desktop folder nothing happens. Nothing opens. Even when I rightclick for a context menu, and select Open in Directory Opus (Which is the bold default). This fixed nothing.

Well, I am upgrading my motherboard, memory, and cpu in a few days and reinstalling everything. So, I'll just hope that fixes it. Otherwise I will be back.

Make sure you are not running Opus elevated. (Use the UAC support and Admin Mode instead of launching the whole process elevated.)

Thanks, that fixed all the problems I think. I have had UAC off for weeks. But in trying to fix DO9 I had set it to run as Admin and compatibility with Win7. Uninstalling and installing DO11 still kept those settings on the app. But when I removed them, it's fixed.

Thanks! :thumbsup: