Does DOpus have additional preview handlers?

Hi! In DOpus 11.12 x64 Thumbnails view, .JP2 image files have a Thumbnail preview, while in Windows Explorer Thumbnails view they don't have a Thumbnail preview.

So does DOpus have additional preview handlers which Windows Explorer does not have? How can I get the same Thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer (i.e. in the Windows shell) for .JP2 image files as in DOpus?

Even after having installed SageThumbs, JP2 images have no thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer.

Opus has its own plugin system for thumbnails and viewers; the thumbnails are probably coming from Leo's JPEG 2000 viewer plugin.

It's not Opus's job to provide thumbnails for Explorer :slight_smile: You'll need to find a shell extension for that.

However, DOpus previews for some file types could be improved with these extensions.

OK, BabelSoft Media Preview finally did the job for JP2 images.

Media Preview can be downloaded here:

Opus will use shell preview and thumbnail handlers if its own plugins can't handle a format.

Those extensions DO improve the shell preview. After having installed Media Preview, I now have MANY more thumbnail previews in DOpus than before! Nice!

If I only could find a thumbnail shell preview handler for CHM files!

Look at this thumbnail of a WAV file for example: