Does Dopus make the Properties dialog box float over every program

I noticed that when I open a file’s Properties dialog from Dopus it floats on top of any window, including other programs. I LIKE this behavior. If I open it from other places, I guess File Manager, they disappear when I bring another program to the front. Today I notice Dopus has commands, “Keep On Top,” where you can choose to make the program float, but I have it turned off and I wonder is this a feature or setting set somewhere. My worry is it’s bug and me telling you will make you fix it.

If you wonder why I like this, it’s because the Properties dialog is how I like to rename files while I have them open in Microsoft Word so their creation date doesn’t get changed. I open the dialog up and make my changes, then Okay the dialog after I close the document. A few days ago I was looking for a utility to make the dialog float. I wish I’d know this about a week ago.

I think we do that to work around an issue where they
could open under other windows.

If we change it, we can always include an option for the old behaviour.

Thank You. I think I'm a special case. I think most people just open Properties to do or check what they came for and then immediately close it. Only when I started renaming Word docs with it did I start leaving it open for long periods of time. I'm guessing it probably only needs to float over Dopus windows, but I got lucky and it helps me with my specific problem