Does Opus have an Uninstaller program as I need to delete my copy

Having performed a Windows 10 update my Directory Opus 12 refused to work properly - I deleted the program and used regedit to delete all instances of the program - but on trying to reinstall the installer routine keeps on terminating just before it concludes. Is there an Un-Installer program for Directory Opus that will completely delete the program and allow me to re-install a fresh copy?

The uninstaller is in the usual place (Start > Settings > Apps, then search for GPSoftware or Directory Opus).

If you've manually removed registry entries then that may have also removed the installer, but that's hard to say without knowing exactly what was done.

Some people have been seeing problems with the InstallShield installer recently which seem to be caused by a change on their systems. We don't know what the cause is yet, but it also affects old installers which used to work fine, so it's not something that's changed on our side. The solution that has worked for everyone so far is creating a new, temporary Windows account and running the installer from there; it should then work, and the program will be usable in the main Windows account again.

If you still have problems, please let us know, and give details of any error messages or what goes wrong.

On attempting the installation routine I am getting the following message in a dialogue box titled 'Unhandled Exception'
Error Number: 0x8000FFFF
Description: >Kernel\ServiceProvider.cpp(121)

Setup will now terminate

And the (OK-Box) which closes the window and stops the installation

That's the error I was thinking of. The workaround of using another account should solve things.

There's a thread with more detail here if you're interested: Upgrading to 12.14 with W10 64