Don't succed to stop annoying folder opened automatically by doing drag and drop

Hi !

Help needed, i'm trying to have the folders being opened automatically while doing a drap and drop in one, as it's very annoying. especially in thumbails view. i spend my time to close the folder, by hitting the blue small arrow, to close the folder, because often i must drag and drop a lot of files in a folder.

in the preference it seems that an option to stop this is there but it seems, it's not working or maybe i didn't succed to hit the right option to make this stopping.

is someone know the solution to stop this ? thanks !

The preferences are about the folder tree, but I think you want something that affects the file display :thinking:

Do you want the folders to stop opening automatically? I guess you need to disable "Expandable Folders" while doing your drag-n-drop.

Maybe Preferences / File Displays / Folder Expansion / Expand folders when dragging over them?

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I never use the folder tree on the left, it's in the normal source / destination file listers ! so yes, it's about the files display !

thank you Leo, you know i use DO since a long time mainly has a double file viewer, i use some spectific way, but mainly i don't really know all the tips and tricks, of the software. and so i didn't know that there was a different parameters about the folders tree and the one in the file listers, so thanks a lot, i just found what i was looking for !! i'll try with the automatic close option first as it's a pretty great feature ! thank you !