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DOpus - Folder tree doubling entries


Anything that is attempted on the topmost entries redirects the focus to the bottom entries, jumping the treeview downward if necessary. So far it has only done this to this set of user folders, and not to other folders. There was a similar issue before that was fixed with the beta.

Duplicate Folder Appears

I've seen this too particularly with the downloads folder appearing twice.


I've finally found a way to reproduce this so hopefully we'll have a fix in not too long.


I have a similar problem with DO

(0) OK, Here's my Library "Downloads". 'Incoming (E:)' is my save location for this Library.

(1) I start DO, left-click on Library "Downloads" in folder tree, right-click on the right side and select "New folder...", "New Folder" and OK.

(2) Then I double-click on "New Folder" (right side). After that my folder tree shows triple "New Folder" folders. If in first step 'Incoming (E:)' and 'Trillian (D:)' are expanded (as shown on "Triple-0.jpg"), double "New Folder" folders are displayed.


We've got a fix for this which will be in the next release.


OK, thanks. :wink:


I'm on; has there been an update that I haven't seen? This problem has returned, along with the "can't enter the dropbox folder" issue from before.

#8 is available in the News and Announcements Forum.



I have the same problem - also running = and when I run "check for updates" it tells me my version is current, adn no updates available. Nor does the link to given above work.
WOndering if there any further news on this?


News and Announcements is the place to look. The latest version is always advertised there.

Regards, AB


The 'Check for Updates' window also displays the most recent items from the news feed, and the beta versions are always announced there.


I recently updated the FAQ Why doesn't the auto-updater detect the latest version? to clarify the situation with beta versions (and some other stuff). (non-beta) will probably be out soon anyway. We're in a fairly unusual situation right now where there's a lot of time & updates between each non-beta update, for atypical reasons (like getting the manual finished before the next non-beta update).