DOpus 10: @admin faulty when UAC not in default setting

I've had my Windows 7 32bit UAC setting to one below the default, because the dimmed desktop annoys me.

Recently I decided to clean out the crud from my 3 year old installation, and DOpus was getting a lot of access denied errors while Explorer would prompt for elevation. Playing with the @admin directive didn't work, and the toolbar button was greyed out.

All started working as they should when I put UAC back to default.

Is this normal or a bug?

That is not normal, and I suspect is a system or system configuration issue rather than something wrong in Opus.

Opus requests UAC COM elevation in exactly the same way regardless of that setting (unless UAC is fully turned off), and has no knowledge of the secure desktop (aka "dim the desktop" setting), which is managed entirely by Windows itself.