DOpus 10 hotkeys in DOpus12 (don't want "Toolbar" hotkeys)

I just upgraded from DOpus 10 (dated ca 2010) to DOpus 12 by installing on top of ver 10, as advised. There's a new hotkey behavior I don't quite get. My own old, personal, everyday hotkeys, to which I'm very used (e.g. F5 to copy a file between two listers, or Ctrl-3 to sort a lister by date etc) don't work. When I go to Customize -> Keys, I see a keyboard map with many entries in red, which I assume are conflicts. My old, preferred hotkeys, the ones I want to use, are listed under "Hotkeys". Below them, is a category called "Toolbars", which, I assume overrides my hotkeys. Is "Toolbar" some new hotkey category added after GOpus 10? I don't want to use it. To use my old hotkeys (i.e. now listed under "Hotkeys" as opposed to "Toolbar") am I supposed to uncheck all the new (to me) hotkeys listed under "Toolbar"?

You probably just need to go to the Toolbars tab, select the default toolbars at the top of the list, and turn off the always enable this toolbar's keys in listers option on the bottom right, for each one.

(Menu and Operations are normally the only ones you may need to do it for, but it doesn't hurt to check the others.)

OK, thanks, it did the trick.