Dopus 10 inability to copy LOTS of files

Occasionally I need to do a "copy update all" of 1.3 million files (110GB) between 2 directories. It takes about 10 hours to do.

This always worked on Dopus 9.

With Dopus 10, it "freezes" after a couple of hours. The rest of the OS also runs VERY slowly. I have to terminate the Dopus process in order for it to become responsive again.

Also, DOpus appears to consume more CPU than I would have thought. It consumes about 10% of CPU during this "copy update all" operation. I suspect that it is not the "copy update all" as such. I am thinking it is the new copy progress window is slowly consuming GDI resources. The reason is that when it become unresponsive, everything in the task manager is within normal limits - some other non-reported resource appears to have run low.

Lookign forward to others reproducing this problem

(Win 7 x64)

Dave A

Sorry if I am a bit dense, are these files are stored in one folder? or are there sub-folders containing files?

If GDI resources were being confused the GDI Handle column in Task Manager would indicate it. Have you checked that when the problem is happening?

Have you ruled out things like real-time anti-virus scanners? If Opus isn't using resources but something it does during file-copy is slowing down the whole OS, that could point in the direction of anti-virus since the entire system has to wait for anti-virus to scan/OK each file that it opens, and if the anti-virus is getting bogged down it can affect the whole system.

What kind of directories are involved? Local disks? Network folders?

Is anything else in Task Manager showing activity of growing memory/resource counts during the copy?

It is a sophisictated directory structure designed to hanlde this number of files. No one folder has more than 2000 files in it.

Dave A

Found it --- Its the "GDI Objects" column in the Task Manager. After only 45 min it has hit 5078 and it is going up by about 100 per minute. The next nearest process on the OS has only 801. I am actually just doing a "Copy update all" across the directories that are already in sync so no file copy operations are actually taking place.

While this problem is being fixed, can we make the Copy window resizable too please.

Dave A

Thanks; should be fixed in the next update.

(Edit: It is now fixed, in