DOpus 10 search: Open new window like Opus 9


Is there some way to make the Directory Opus 10 search function look and act like the one in Directory Opus 9? In 9 I had the search set to open in a new window on a separate monitor. It displayed its results there also, and I could continue to use my current opus view of my file system undisturbed. The version 10 search opens in the bottom of the current lister and displays the results either in place of my current lister screen or in a split window view. It does this on the main monitor. This prevents me from continuing to use my file system as I wish.

In addition, while it seems faster, the new search appears not to find all my files.

I use my file system as my information organiser and do a lot of searches. This is so aggravating that I am considering going back to version 9.

Thank you.


You can use a layout to do that.

Set up Opus on your second monitor, with the Find panel open, and then use Settings -> Lister Layouts -> Save This Lister.

Make sure "Close all existing listers when loading this layout" is turned off, and "Open this layout relative to the monitor the mouse is on" is off as well.

Call the layout Find (or whatever you want).

Then make a button (or replace the existing Tools -> Find Files menu item) which runs this command:


That should now do what you want.

Please start a separate thread if you want help with that.

Please also provide some example Find queries with examples of what they aren't finding, so we can either reproduce what's going wrong or explain why the query isn't supposed to match the example files/folders.

Thank you Leo, that solves most of the problems, but raises a couple more:

The second monitor with the find window is not as large as my primary monitor, and the find results are using the column widths and selections from the main, open lister. If I resize them and remove the columns I don't require, they don't stay that way the next time I run find (even if I save the lister layout again). The Opus 9 find panel saved my column widths and layouts automatically.

IIRC the Opus 9 find also had the search parameters on top, and the results underneath (10 has the parameters at the bottom). Can I alter this please?

Thank you.


You can save a folder format for the Find Results file collection the same as for any other folder.

Or you could set columns and widths you want in the layout, and save it with the Format Lock turned on, so that when the Find Results collection is displayed it continues using the current folder format (with the locked columns and widths) instead of re-evaluating the format.

No, there is no way to make the Find panel appear at the top of the lister.