DOpus 10 U/G to 11 decrease of license

I currently have a 2 license copy of Opus 10 and would like to upgrade to V11. However I currently only operate 1 computer plus 1 laptop and therefore wish to restrict my upgrade to 1 license. There doesn't appear to be any way to decrease the number of licenses on the upgrade page. As you can appreciate I don't wish to pay for an extra license which I shan't be using.
Any solution would be appreciated.

Emailing the sales address is the best thing to do with this type of query:

There are a drop-down field on the upgrade form AND on the order form that let you choose the number of licences.

Thanks for the info. :smiley:
I thought there was something I was probably missing but didn't think it would be so obvious as the drop down option. :blush:
Methinks it's time for a visit to the optometrist. :frowning: