DOpus 11 user. Does 12 do these things?

I've been using Opus 12 for a few years and the two things that annoy me the most are the bookmarks (favourites) in the folder tree scrolling off the top of the screen instead of staying where I can get at them (yes I can lock it, but then the folders don't expand and I can't see where I am), and also the incorrect spelling of English words.

Have either of these been fixed in v12? With the Christmas offer happening, I'm tempted, but if I'm paying £17 for an upgrade then I'd want something that will make a difference to me.

I just want the bookmarks in a separate pane, and a text file to do a find and replace on. I use a free file manager at work, and used to at home, and I really miss these two things using Opus, though it's much better at everything else.

The tree and default US English spelling are more or less the same in 12.

You can edit the spelling of words in most toolbars and menus if it bothers you.

For the favorites list, putting the list on a toolbar down the left side of the window might make sense, if you always want it on screen and not in a menu.

Okay. Thanks for the reply.