[DOpus 11] VERY SLOW to start up

All -

I'm not sure if it's one of those "it's just me" situations, but my beloved DOpus is EXTREMELY slow to startup. My config is Windows 8.1 x64 with DOpus v11 (latest build).
For comparison's sake, the v10 running on exact same config, started up immediately.
I reboot the computer and even wait until all services are loaded and then click on the Quick Launch shortcut to DOpus. Even though I have checked the "Automatically start on windows startup - with no listers opening - it takes about 90 seconds for the first lister to show. Then it works fine, but that initial startup is painful...
(To thwart any 'holier than thou' persons, I am a pretty much geek when it comes to computers, so please don't ask me to run anti-virus, update windows, etc.) :slight_smile:

No idea what could be doing this. I LOVE v11. It's awesome (as if it would ever NOT be) but this startup has me cringing!

Remember that the ONLY difference between my computer was going from v10.X (latest v10 build) to the latest v11 build. No other changes whatsoever. It was fast with v10 and then painfully slow to startup in v11 after one install and restart...

Any thoughts would be welcome. Great job on v11 DOpus gang. Another direct hit.

I would use Process Monitor to see what is being accessed in those 90 seconds. It'll probably point to something.

Hi leo. Thanks for the quick response. Already did that, and the CPU usage for DOpus went through the roof until it finally opened. Nothing else quirky that stands out and no error messages in Event Log Explorer. Strange... I'm working on some other options and using System Explorer to dive deeper. I guess it IS one of those "It's just me" moments. If/when I find the solution, I will post to let people know what fixed it.

Hi grew,,
Did you use "Process Monitor" or "Process Explorer". From your response I believe you user Process Explorer. Though the apps sound similar they are quite different.
Process Explorer is Task manager on roids. Process Monitor gives details about what a process is doing, what files are being accessed what register settings and so on.
By using Process Monitor you might get an idea what Dopus is getting stuck on.

Hi wowbagger. I said System Explorer. It's Process Monitor and Process Explorer on steroids. :slight_smile:
Still no luck. I'm still waiting 30 seconds or so to get it loaded, more when it's a 'cold' start (even though I have DOpus set to automatically open on startup...
Grrr. It's the ONLY thing that is causing me grief. I love everything else about v11 !!! Colour me puzzled...

You haven't said anything about what files are being accessed by Opus during those 30 seconds.

Hi gang. Sorry for the delayed response. I got sidetracked with work (go figure...how dare work interfere with DOpus experimentation!]. Anyways, I realized that I had ported over my old config into DOpus 11 when I first installed Opus 11. So what I did was to factory reset to default the whole config. It opened as fast as it had when I was using DOpus 10 (i.e very quickly). So, for anyone looking for a possible answer to slow startup of Opus 11, it may be related to porting over an old config into new install of DOpus 11. My question now is this... I customized Opus 10 to my satisfaction, which meant a whole bunch of new toolbars, codes, etc. How do I get them back into Opus 11? Why does Opus 11 not play nice with my old config? What I can do is start all over and recreate all/most of my buttons, commands and toolbars from before, but that is a lot of woirk, believe me. I don't remember there ever having been an issue with previous major upgrades and importing the old config... Is there a new setting in Opus 11 that may be creating a problem for me?

Jon - To answer your question, the only thing running during that 'hang' time is DOpus process. Nothing else consistently appears when opening the slow, customized Opus 11...

Without seeing your old config, we cannot guess what the problem would have been.

My suggestion of using Process Monitor would have showed which files and registry settings were being accessed during the delay. Process Monitor logs what process are doing, not just which processes are running. Without that information, or a copy of the old config to look at, we have nothing to go on.

If you have reset your config without making a backup first (either of the config or of your C drive or user profile directory) then there is no way to get back your old config. OTOH, if you do have a backup then it is trivial to restore, but the exact steps depend on which type of backup you have.

Hi leo. I'm glad to send along my config, but not exactly sure what you need... I have an OCB file with my Opus10 backup. Or do you need my config folder zipped? Let me know and I will send along. Meanwhile I am going to try to 'redo' my whole config for DOpus 11 and just start from scratch. Might as well clean out stuff I no longer need... :slight_smile:

Had the same here. After importing my old settings Opus 11 was very slow on startup (busy indication with the mouse over the left folder tree pane). Doing a reset to factory settings solved the issue.
I then did a restore and skipped one option after the other. I think it was after not restoring "Pictures" that I had my settings and the speed back.

If you can mail me the OCB backup, that could be useful: leo@gpsoft.com.au

Assuming the OCB was made with all the options enabled, it should contain the same as a zip of the config directories. (You can send both if you want. But remember there are three dirs to zip: /dopusdata - /dopuslocaldata - /dopusglobaldata - And ofc. it's only worth zipping them as they are now if you're still seeing the problem.)

Sent. Thanks.

From an initial look at the config, one thing that stands out is the Duplicate Files collection, which points to 1,850 files on a network drive. Maybe processing that is slowing things down at startup (although I'm not sure it should slow things down, it does still stand out as something worth testing).

If you want to test that theory, you could either rename the .ocb backup to .zip and copy Collections/Duplicate Files.col to your /dopusdata/Collections dir & restart (to see if it takes you from a fast restart to a slow one), or restore the config backup and then delete that same .col file (to see it if takes you from a slow startup to a fast one).

Thanks, leo. I'll try that tomorrow and report back. Thanks for the quick (as usual) reply.

BTW, I've managed to get the company I work for (a multi-national insurance company) to do a pilot with DOpus with the hopes of having it rolled out corporate-wide. I'm quite sure that once they get a taste of it, it'll be adopted. Can't wait to have it on my company laptop! Keep up the good work!

Cool :slight_smile: